Virt Hire is a black owned premier resume tailoring service specializing in high-quality video resumes, federal resumes, traditional resumes, and a workplace etiquette coaching. Having gained a well-deserved and trusted reputation as experts in the resume and career industry, Virt Hire has more than 30 years of combined experience helping job seekers showcase their talents, skills and knowledge. We strive to offer impeccable customer services as we assist professionals and job seekers from all employment and educational backgrounds to make extraordinary first impressions and secure their dream jobs.

At Virt Hire, we understand well that you only get only one opportunity to make an initial introduction to a potential new employer. For this reason, we are dedicated to providing custom bespoke resume services that highlight and showcase your personality and experience in a way that a more traditional resume companies do not. Our resumes are uniquely designed to be a powerful tool in the job-seeking process. We incorporate savvy marketing strategies that stage your strengths, capabilities, and allow you to stand out from your peers. Our impressive video resume services also communicate with employers the message that you are innovative, tech-savvy, while providing  you with the edge you need to advance to the next level of the selection process.

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