A video resume is a multimedia creation that allows you to introduce yourself to potential employers.  It typically lasts about 1-3 minutes in length and will enable you to talk about and showcase your talents, experience, skills and education.  It ends with an invitation for the viewer to contact you.

The video resume does not replace your traditional resume.  Instead, the video enhances and completes the resume package that you send to potential employers.  The video adds depth and dimension to the presentation that a paper resume cannot do.

In today’s job market, the real challenge for job seekers is to stand out in the crowd.  Many employers are now using scanning technology to review and scan resumes, so it is even harder to get noticed.  However, using video resume services to create an outstanding video resume will grab an employer’s attention and for 1-3 minutes, as your video plays, you have a captive audience and a magnificent opportunity to sell yourself.  Additionally, merely sending a video resume communicates to an employer that you are innovative, tech-savvy and ambitious.  As these are impressive qualities that most employers are seeking, using video resumes services and sending your video with your application, has already given you an advantage that will assist you in securing a job offer.

Utilizing professional video resumes services ensures that your video resume is of the highest quality, effective, and conveys the correct message about you and your qualifications.  Just as a well-created video resume can place you in a very positive light and give you an advantage in the application process, a poorly made and executed video resume can be detrimental in your job search.  For this reason, you must work with a professional and skilled video resume provider.

Yes!  A video resume is not intended to replace your print resume.  The video is an enhancement and companion to your print resume.  The traditional print resume provides a wealth of information that you want to share with a potential employer that will not be covered in a video resume.

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