Video Resumes

Video resumes are a new and innovative contactless yet personal way to stand out to a potential new employer.  At Virt Hire, we specialize in creating outstanding, high-quality and effective video resumes that expertly showcase your skills, experience, and personality.

Our friendly, professional, and highly skilled staff will work with you one on one to provide a custom and superior video resume.  At Virt Hire, we go the extra step in creating your video so that you have an edge above your peers in the application pool.  Unlike our competitors who merely edit videos, our quality and practical bespoke approach to creating extraordinary video resumes include the following.

  • Creation of a unique and personalized script and design for your video resume.
  • Body language and presentation coaching that will elevate and polish your delivery.
  • Production of high quality, high definition video of superior quality.
  • Review and revision processes that help tailor the video resume to your personal preferences.
  • Uploading the resume online for ease and secure viewing for you and your potential employers.
  • Video distribution guidance for adding your video to social media and popular job sites.

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Federal and Traditional Resume

An essential part of your complete resume package is your traditional print resume. The traditional resume is a powerful marketing tool that must be written perfectly.  At Virt Hire, we are creative, talented, and well-experienced resume writers who create effective and custom resumes that uniquely showcase your accomplishments, skills and value to a potential employer.

When an employer is seeking to fill a position, they must review countless resumes.  Over time, many of these resumes begin to look the same.  This occurs because many resumes are very similar to one another.  Our competitors often use resume templates or work off preexisting resumes when they create yours.  By creating resumes in this manner, you do a grave disservice and ensure your resume will blend in with the rest.

At Virt Hire, we also thrive in writing federal resumes that are tailored to the position you are applying for according to requirements and standards.  Our dedicated and professional writers will craft an exceptional resume with the current federal writing format that shines a spotlight on all of your accomplishments, experience, and skills to help you stand out in a vast sea of federal job resumes.  For an even more powerful introduction once you have a scheduled interview, we suggest (excluding federal positions) that you include a dynamic video resume with your traditional resume when you submit your application.  You can review our video resume services here 

Workplace Etiquette Training

Virt Hire offers training and instruction on appropriate workplace etiquette that will help you create a polished and professional presentation style that potential employers will immediately notice.  A well-crafted and perfectly published video or print resume will quickly move you along in the application process, but to garner a job offer, it is almost guaranteed that you will have to meet personally with your potential new employer.  During an interview, you are carefully evaluated by every eye that is upon you.  From the way you dress, to your posture, to the words you choose; each subtle attribute communicates volumes to your potential employer about who you are and what you represent.

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At Virt Hire, we understand fully what potential employers are looking for, and we help you meet and exceed those expectations.  We provide detailed and practical training on workplace etiquette and how to present yourself with the epidemy of professionalism.  Our training and instruction on workplace etiquette include the following.

  • Communication style – How to convey your thoughts effectively and professionally.
  • Email, phone, and texting etiquette – What is appropriate and what is not.
  • Body language – What message it conveys to others.
  • Attitude – How a positive attitude affects your work and impresses your employer.
  • Meeting Etiquette – Tips on presenting the best version of yourself during a meeting.
  • And much more!

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Interview Coaching

Experts say that a potential new employer decides whether to hire or not hire an interview candidate within the first 10 to 15 minutes of a job interview.  As such, it is vitally imperative that you make a powerful, impressive, and lasting first impression in the initial minutes of your job interview.  At Virt Hire, we understand this and know exactly how to help you!

Our skilled, professional, and friendly staff will work with you one on one to help you improve and polish your interview style so that you can impress your potential employers.

With years of experience in recruiting and job placement, our experts at Virt Hire know precisely what employers look for during an interview and we will work with you to ensure that you meet or exceed these expectations.  We accomplish by providing the following custom training and instruction.

  • Mock interviews with immediate feedback and suggestions for improvement.
  • Guidance and instruction in the best manner for responding to questions.
  • Complete and comprehensive review and analysis of your non-verbal and verbal communication styles.
  • Individualized support and strategy for upcoming interviews.
  • Expertly written supplemental material to aid you in practicing and preparing for upcoming interviews.